Uchi waza are usually described as "striking techniques".  You get them listed as haito uchi - ridge-hand strike; shuto uchi - knife hand strike; etc
Uchi waza might be one of the neglected areas of training in many Karate schools.  Most competitions outlaw the use of open-hand strikes and elbow strikes and as such this line of training might be seen less as it might be of "less use" if the club is primarily about winning medals in competition.
The strikes that are not used in competition are generally not used because they are too dangerous.  The practice of these kinds of strikes may be confined to kata practice, and the use of them is all about kata bunkai.

As most of us don't go around with our fists already clenched, open hand strikes and natural weapons like the elbows and knees are a very natural thing to come to rely on.

The use of these weapons generally relies upon the use of the hip throwing the body and the weapon itself being "allowed" to land rather than projected with all the intention in that one area.

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