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Karate should be Complete, shouldn't it?  That's not to say that everything should be handed to you on a plate, just that those who choose to search for information should be able to find it.  Without fear of being ostracised for reading the "wrong" things by the "wrong" people.

In the pages attached to this one you will find an ongoing selection of articles, all free information about the art we love.  Ongoing, this site is, always 

Obviously, much of what is on here is my personal view.  You don't have to agree with me.  Neither do you have to rant that I am "wrong".  I'm always up for a chat or debate, but I don't really want to talk about Karate if you're not currently training in the martial arts.  Armchair experts are not welcome here; there's plenty of other places they can hang out.

Bear with us, check back often, and contribute to our campaign to keep Karate available to those who want it, without prejudice.

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